We provide services for all aspects of your product development & logistics

By taking all of the guess work out of bringing products and merchandising solutions into the US. We guarantee top of the field results with easy to understand terms, logistics and timelines.

Table Mountain Imports encompasses a complete range of all your importing needs.

• Factory Due Diligence – Finding  reliable, credible, dependable & price competitive global sources

• Product Sourcing – Product development, from inception of ideas to prototyping

• Procurement –  Assistance with production management

• Shipping – On time delivery from the offshore factory to the importer’s destination

• Booking –
Cargo containers (ocean) | Air freight transport

• Document Management – US Customs, Homeland Security, Federal Government filings

• Tracking – Shipments (Ocean + air)

• Local Delivery – We can ship directly to the client’s destination, direct to store, or our warehouses

• Reliable Pricing – We calculate quick and accurately the landed cost t(cost upon which the client bases his    selling price)

Adjusting to importing timelines:

With strategic early planning, the benefits of creating your own brand or singing up for our  yearly/monthly product programs you now have access to quality goods at reasonable prices. This chart illustrates the stages and average timelines your projects needs to deliver to your stores.